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as a valid argument for what

not drawing them fucking each other?

I keep seeing grown-ass adults plaintively trying to justify looking at porn of 13-year-olds from Homestuck, left and right.  I get it, it’s just pictures on paper… but, come on, there’s something a little off to me about a bunch of adults passive aggresively whining that people don’t approve of of them looking at children naked and bumpin front-butts and butt-butts.

Like, do what you want. But don’t expect the world to fall into line and think you’re cute for giggling like schoolgirls over naked kids who have been taken out of context and tone from their original story just so you could see them in such a light. Embrace it and stop whining at the other adults around you like there’s nothing at all wrong with it.

Personally, I think it’s gross and very, very, very wrong. I’m not going to kick you out of a clubhouse for it, but don’t get pissed if when presented with these images I have a kneejerk barfing-on-everything reaction and you in turn innocently wonder what you did wrong, knowing full well it’s something most people don’t like or approve of.

TL;DR: You know why people don’t like it, so stop playing stupid and just deal with that fact.

^She speaks the truth. Honestly, it is a valid argument. Doesn’t mean everyone has to accept the argument or agree with it, on either side, but it is a valid argument. It’s a reasonable thing to bring up.

For me, I will never understand the mentality of stripping all the interesting and unique characteristics of a story (they’re all 13, they reproduce through buckets instead of sex, they’re all 13) for the sake of seeing the characters bone. I dunno. I get really sick of how so many stories shoehorn sex into it where there doesn’t need to be, that it’s extra frustrating to see how sexualized everything gets outside of canon. I think Homestuck is unique because it isn’t sexy. But what do I know?

I have to confess I didn’t know the trolls all that well when I drew THAT ONE PIC. I was sure to age them up, but I’m aware that’s a technique that doesn’t always excuse things.

So I do in fact feel a little icky about it since I caught up on the comic and got to know the characters a bit better, which is to say I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THAT ONE PIC CAUSE IT WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN >:O

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