I drew some super heroes making out for Comics Alliance’s series Great Comics that Never Happened!

This was super fun on a few levels. On one, I just like drawing hot people in skin tight suits making out.

On Another level it’s sort of like something coming full circle.

People who’ve been following me for a long time (like 6 years ago) might remember when I got into some trouble by posting some hot super hero boys making out and being sexy on the Drawing Board forums.

Basically, the Drawing Board had a reputation for posting SCADS of sexy women laying on things. They actually had a whole section called GIRLS and obviously no section for boys which always made me feel like I was in a boys club, instead of a diverse forum of professional illustrators.

One day the founder, Shane Glines posted Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn making out and everyone went bananas about how amazing it was. Now, I am not against sexy ladies making out and they were nice drawings, but I thought to myself “I wonder if they would react the same way if I posted two male super heroes making out?” I figured they would probably say I was disrespecting the characters, a total double standard, and I was right!

I posted my drawings and got a huge negative reaction, sprinkled with bits of homophobic and anti-female gaze comments.

Eventually Shane Glines came in and calmed people down and my friends came to back me up as well.

At any rate, doing this illustration had me thinking about that. A lot has changed on the internet in 6 years. Women who are into Yaoi/hot dudes certainly have gotten a lot more visibility.

Anyway, it’s nice to be invited to draw something sexy for Comics Alliance, a comics blog run by an awesome lady instead of being booed out of the boy’s club :)