07 10 / 2011

and still pay money for it.

seriously, what the flying fuck is wrong with these people

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    I’m lost. Explain, please?
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    I was thinking about this a day or so ago.
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  4. hausofhaun said: "Well, the guy wrote Red Son, so it can’t be THAT bad. Right?"
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  7. ballershots said: I… I liked Civil War. But I know I’m in the minority.
  8. gastrophobia said: #mainstream comics? I think it’s fair to say super heroes haven’t been mainstream in comics for at least 10 years now. You don’t walk into Barnes & Noble and see kids sitting on the floor reading *super hero* comics.
  9. shenaniganza said: One time I saw a copy of Millar’s The Unfunnies on a stand at the comic store and I knocked over the whole thing and the clerk just started clapping.
  10. kstipetic said: If it makes you feel any better, I wouldn’t.
  11. amanofletters said: He wrote a comic where a 12-year-old girl stabs dudes in the face. Obviously they’re trying to tell us something.
  12. furippupauplus said: You almost sound like you’ve never seen the kinds of people who go to comic shops.
  13. ghostgreen said: same, but Bendis. who is even a ‘respected’ comics guy. excuse me while i HAHAFKJHJKHAJKFHhHHFHAHAHhaaaa
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